21 Day Virtual

New Year Meditation Series 

January 3 - 24 2021 | $59

Start the new year off with a journey into the self. Learn ancient meditation techniques and philosophy to reveal your natural state of peace and joy.

Learn to navigate thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so you aren't a slave to every fleeting thought. Tap into the wisdom that is your birthright. Let go of what isn't serving you and rest in your truth.

In this Meditation course we will dive deep into the heart of  Yoga. You will learn traditional Yogic techniques to develop awareness and a strong meditation practice. You will learn to observe your thoughts, triggers, and emotions, so they can come and go without attachment.

During this course you will have the support, accountability, and daily routine to develop a strong practice that you will feel confident to continue on your own.


Beginners Welcome  


Meditation will help you:

  • Manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

  • Learn to become the observer rather than attaching to every fleeting thought.

  • Develop present moment awareness.

  • Connect to your higher self.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety. 

  • Develop mindfulness skills.

  • Break through mental blocks.

  • Increase feelings of contentment.

Meditation is believed to:

  • Increase energy.

  • Increase creativity.

  • Access higher consciousness.

  • Access the bliss state.

  • Heal on a physical, mental, and energetic levels.

  • Clean and increase good Karma. 

  • Find the answers to all of your questions

Meditation is proven to:

  • Increase Dopamine, Melatonin, and Serotonin, which increases happiness and positivity.

  • Enhance brain hemisphere balance.

  • Activate Alpha and Theta brain waves which are present during rest, relaxation, and deeper consciousness.


January 3 ~ 24 (Pacific Time)

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Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays | 8am ~ Meditation (20 - 40)

Saturdays | 11am ~ 12:15pm ~ Meditation Philosophy Class, Questions, and Yoga Nidra


Course Opening/Closing

Sunday Jan. 3 | 4pmWelcome, Course Info, and Yoga Nidra

Sunday Jan. 24 | 4pm ~ Closing, Goodbye, Loving Kindness Meditation

Meditation ~

Our active meditation sessions will start with a mini-class introducing our main tool for the day. Our meditations will grow in length with each week, starting with 20 min and gradually extending to 40. Our main tools will be breath awareness, pranayama (breathe exercises), observation, and self-inquiry. We will use a specific technique that has been used for thousands of years by enlightened sages to gain states of Samadhi or self-realization. These techniques come from South India. You will have my support and guidance the whole way through.

Yoga Nidra ~

Yoga Nidra is a type of guided body scan meditation and is one of the quickest ways to slip into the space of 'no mind.' This type of meditation works so quickly because it allows our minds to go in a between conscious waking state and the sleeping state. Our brain goes out of the active mind (Beta brainwaves) to the rest, restore, and deep sleep brain waves (Theta and Delta). Yoga Nidra allows ultimate rest, restore, and healing to the body, mind, energy, nervous system, and the emotional/pain body.

Yoga Nidra is so easy and accessible for all.  All you do is lay down and follow the instructions of the teacher as you enjoy some much needed rest.

Yoga Philosophy Classes ~

Our Philosophy classes will be once a week, right before our Yoga Nidra Session. These classes will be super informative. I will explain what is happening during meditation from a physical, energetic, and spiritual perspective. We will also talk about the affects of meditation on the nervous system and how we can use meditation to work through mental blocks and traumas. We will also talk about how we can apply our meditation tools in daily life situations. Our classes will cover samskaras, the ego, the energy body, and how to use meditation to elevate your being. 

* All sessions will be through Zoom

and will be recorded and shared.


* This series will include a Facebook group page so we can motivate each other on off days. You will receive the link to join once you register.

* Payment will be through Venmo or Paypal. You will receive payment info after  you register.

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Investment is $59

May all Beings Be Happy and Free

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