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Join one of our hand-crafted travel retreats in California or around the globe. We specialize in approachable transformational wellness retreats focusing on mind, body, health, nature, and amazing food. We live holistically and share tools to to assist participants on the path to greatness. 



I'm Anna

I'm the founder of SatyaShala Soul Travel Retreats. Thank you for your interest in my signature retreats. I created SatyaShala with the intention to create spaces for transformation in a retreat experience. Travel, Yoga, and Meditation is a powerful combo. When combining holistic living and new surroundings, magic happens. We can connect to who we truly are, heal, and transform. I've been living a life of travel and yoga for the past 7 years including living, teaching, and attending trainings and retreats all over the world. Over the past 7 years I've changed and transformed into who I've always been, but couldn't see. I want to share these tools for transformation and these amazing places that I hold deeply in my heart. Hope to see you soon.

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"The experience was so invigorating! We were able to connect to
nature, people, and the practice. We felt welcomed, appreciated, honored,
and supported."
~ Rachel P., Yosemite & Spa Sept. '18
"This retreat was so much more than I imagined. The yoga, meditation,
activities, and people were amazing. This was just what I needed and
WILL be attending another retreat with Anna. Perfect for all yogi levels
and all walks of life. Such an eye opening experience."
Anonymous, Colombia Retreat Mar. '19
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