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New Year Virtual
Meditation Series 

Upcoming Dates: January 9 - 27

Learn ancient meditation techniques and philosophy to reveal your natural state of peace and joy.

Harness skills to navigate thoughts, feelings, and emotions, so you don't attach to every fleeting thought and the craziness of the wild mind.


Tap into the wisdom that is your natural state and your birthright. Let go of what isn't serving you and access unconditional love and presence.


Discover a safe place within yourself that has always been there and always will. The true self, no beginning, no ending, and never changing.  

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In this Meditation series, we will dive deep into ourselves and our hearts. You will learn traditional Yogic techniques to develop moment to moment awareness to reveal your true state of peace and joy. You will learn to observe your thoughts, triggers, and emotions, so they can come and go without attachment. You will learn how to discern between your ego and the true essence that resides in the background which sees it all. Join me on this journey where we peel away all the inauthentic layers of our being.

During this course you will have the support, accountability, and daily routine to develop a strong practice that you will feel confident to continue on your own.


Beginners Welcome  



Meditation is proven to:

  • Increase Dopamine, Melatonin, and Serotonin, which increases happiness and positivity.

  • Enhance brain hemisphere balance.

  • Activate Alpha and Theta brain waves which are present during rest, relaxation, and deeper consciousness.


Join Live or Self-Paced 

  • 4 Weekly Live Meditations

  • Mini technique & Philosophy Lessons

  • 2 Yoga Nidra Recordings

  • Downloadable Replays

  • Community Support & Accountability

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 Monday's, Tuesday's, and Friday's
8:30am  Meditation


Anchor Schedule
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Our active meditation sessions will start with a mini-class introducing our main tool for the day. Our meditations will grow in length with each week, starting with 20 min and gradually extending to 40. Our main tools will be breath awareness, pranayama (breath exercises), observation, and self-inquiry. We will build on a foundational sequence that you will become accustomed to. These techniques have been used for thousands of years by enlightened sages to gain states of Samadhi or self-realization.



Pranayama or breath work, will be our main tool to slow the racing mind down and clear the energetic pathways. We will use different breathing techniques to train the mind to steady. Training the mind is like training wild horses. We cannot control the mind but we can the breath, eventually allowing the breath to tame the mind. You will learn three pranayama techniques. Pranayama is proven to slow the heart rate, calm anxious feelings, and slip into deeper peace and tranquility.

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Yoga Nidra is a type of guided body scan meditation and is one of the quickest ways to slip into the space of 'no mind.' This type of meditation works so quickly because it allows our mind to go in a between conscious waking state and the sleeping state. Our brain transitions out of the active mind (Beta brainwaves) to the rest, restore, and deep sleep brain waves (Theta and Delta). Yoga Nidra allows ultimate rest, restore, and healing to the body, mind, energy, nervous system, and the emotional/pain body.

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Yoga Philosophy / Theory Classes

You will receive a pre-recorded Philosophy class every week. These classes will be extremely informative. I will explain what is happening during meditation from a physical, energetic, and spiritual perspective. We will also talk about the effects of meditation on the nervous system and the brain. You will also learn how to apply meditation tools in daily life situations, this is what we call mindfulness. These classes are optional for advanced learning.

Meditation will help you:

  • Manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

  • Learn to become the observer rather than attaching to every fleeting thought.

  • Develop present moment awareness.

  • Connect to your higher self.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety. 

  • Develop mindfulness skills.

  • Increase feelings of contentment.

Meditation is believed to:

  • Increase energy.

  • Increase creativity.

  • Access higher consciousness.

  • Access the bliss state.

  • Heal on a physical, mental, and energetic levels.

  • Clean and increase good Karma. 

  • Find the answers to all of your questions


Read more about my Journey and Qualifications.

Your Teacher~ Anna Zehringer



  • 200 hr Meditation Yoga Teacher Training, Thailand

  • 300 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, India

  • 100 hr Advanced Meditation Yoga Teacher Training, Bali

  • 50 hr Meditation Teacher Training, Bali

  • 50 hr Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training, San Francisco, California

  • 50hr Chakra Yoga Teacher Training, Los Angeles, California


  • 10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Java, Indonesia

  • 5 Day Silent Meditation Retreat, Bali

  • 7 Day Silent Meditation Retreat, Bali

Testimonials Anchor


"This series was the perfect way to start a new year, especially 2021! It helped me to find peace and inner strength during a very difficult time. I really enjoyed the combination of learning and practice and I felt set up for continuing the practice on my own or with a community afterward. Anna was a kind, knowledgeable and creative guide throughout the process. She was able to make the series relevant and helpful to folks at all levels of experience and practice. Highly recommend!"


- Heidi West, Ca, January '21

"Anna is an expert in assisting in personal growth thru meditation and breath work. She is understanding and patient with all levels— beginning thru advanced anyone would benefit from her classes and workshops!"


- Gloria Ramirez, Ca, January '21

"I just finished Anna's 21 Day Meditation Series and I am happy to say that it has helped me tremendously in many ways. It has given me the tools I need to calm my anxiety and I am beginning to find peace during these turbulent times."


- Maddy Zehringer, Ca, January '21

"This year, I have taken the time for myself and holistic health. This series came at just the right time. Great techniques, very informative and supportive."


- Nicole Snow, Ca, January '21

Returning students will receive 20% off.
Promo Code: VIP

Upcoming Dates: January 9 - 27 

Investment: $145

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